Dwayne Johnson will be bad guy Black Adam in ‘Shazam’ movie

Dwayne Johnson has been hinting for months that he would be in a DC Comics movie. His description of wanting to play “a badass motherfucker and on a Superman level of power where he could throw down” led many to believe he might be playing Shazam (or Captain Marvel), who has many of the same powers as Superman.

Yet no one would describe Shazam as a “badass.” He’s as much of a virtuous boy scout as Superman, imbued with the power of six mythological gods. Yet he’s also really a boy who discovered magical powers, so he has the mindset of a kid.

If The Rock wanted to play someone with more edge, he likely preferred to play Shazam’s arch-nemesis Black Adam. (Johnson even said Black Adam was one of his favorite superheroes in a tweet.) But would he really play a bad guy in a big budget superhero movie?

Yes — yes, he would. Johnson made it official on Twitter, announcing that he is indeed playing Black Adam.

Personally, I thought it was possible that Johnson could play both Shazam and Black Adam. He can portray the personality of an upright, morally righteous hero, as well as his ruthlessly evil nemesis. But it appears that Johnson is only playing the bad guy.

And that puts Warner Bros. and the producers of a “Shazam” movie in something of a bind. Who is going up against The Rock? Who can be cast as Shazam and believably pose a physical threat to one of our biggest, most imposing action stars? Good luck with that.


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