Give a listen to Scarlett Johansson’s new ‘super-pop’ band

Judging from photos taken on the red carpet before the Oscars Sunday night, Scarlett Johansson would like us all to forget that John Travolta creeped her out (or pissed her off) by laying a smooch on her cheek. So let’s help her out with that and talk about her new “super-pop” band, The Singles.

Johansson, who’s dabbled in music before, told Rolling Stone that she wanted to form a girl group similar to The Bangles, The Go-Gos or Grimes.

“The idea was to write super-pop dance music written and performed by girls,” said Johansson. “I wanted it to be like those bands: ultra-pop but also a little ironic, a little in on the joke.”

Here is the band’s first single, titled “Candy.”

That is a pretty damn catchy pop tune. Personally, I would’ve enjoyed Lucy so much more if Johansson was beating people up to this music. Maybe Tony Stark can play it inside his Iron Man helmet in the next Avengers movie. Or Black Widow can use “Candy” to calm the Hulk down and get him to change back into Bruce Banner. But maybe ScarJo wants to keep her worlds separate, kind of like John Travolta from her face.

The other members of The Singles include Holly Miranda, Julia Haltigan, Kendra Morris and Este Haim. You can pre-order or download “Candy” at the Federal Prism Pop-Up Record Shop.

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