Video: Joan Holloway of ‘Mad Men’ adapts to the modern office

Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering what might happen if Mad Men‘s Joan Holloway (Harris) was transported via time machine from the 1960s and the Sterling Cooper & Partners offices to 2014 and the work environment most of us are familiar with.

If so, wonder no more. That is the exact premise of this Funny or Die video starring Christina Hendricks, portraying Joan trying to negotiate the modern telephone, computer and fax machine. (OK, not all office technology is that modern.) And you just can’t smoke anywhere anymore, can you?

I would’ve liked to see Joan encounter the modern break room microwave or refrigerator and have to clean it out.

But there was a subversive point to all this, making a statement about how much less women make than men in the workplace, along with the lack of females in upper management compared to the percentage of women in the workforce. I bet Peggy Olson would be pretty pissed about that too.

Nicely done, Funny Or Die!

[The A.V. Club]

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