Front Row Amy Meets Tony Plush at Manfest

Front Row Amy and Tony Plush

So apparently something called Manfest happened last week in a town called LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

This is the first we’re learning about it, but apparently at said event, a summit of two people who helped make the Brewers nationally relevant occurred.

Front Row Amy and Tony Plush

Yes folks, our beloved Front Row Amy finally came face-to-face with noted Team Jacob member Nyjer Morgan, aka Tony Plush. I’m not sure what was said in conversations between the two but one can only assume it was interesting because Nyjer Morgan has proven himself to be one of the more interesting characters in all of professional sports. Front Row Amy was one of the featured attractions at Manfest largely because she has become something of a cult figure in the great state of Wisconsin and received appropriate billing on the site’s Facebook page. Also, Manfest billed itself as a “celebration of all things man” and, given the number of gentlemen who expressed interest in this married accountant, it would make sense to include her in any event marketed to men in Wisconsin.

Regardless, said event gives us another opportunity for us to post pictures of her.

Front Row Amy