Manny Ramirez Wants To Come Out of Retirment, Proves Manny Can Still Be Manny

Even when Manny Ramirez is retired, he still finds way to make the baseball world laugh.

News “broke” over the weekend that the former MVP has filed paperwork to be reinstated from the retirement list.  And by the retirement list, he means the “oh noes, I got caught doing steroids and need to hide!” list.  Yes, in case you forgot, the last time we saw Manny being Manny, he was getting busted for a second violation of the PED policy and facing a 100-game suspension.  Instead of serving that suspension, he abruptly called it quits. 

MLB doesn’t quite consider that serving a suspension though.  In order to un-retire, Manny will have to serve a 50-game ban when he signs with a new team.  And by when, I mean if.  And by if, I mean good luck with that.

Maybe in Manny’s bizarre brain he thinks that his one-year hiatus will somehow cause everyone to forget that they didn’t want him anymore.  Back before the 2011 season, ManRam had a hard time finding work before the Rays decided to take a chance on him.  As great as he used to be, there just wasn’t much of a market for a headcase designated hitter who has saw his home run power “mysteriously” start to dissipate after he got busted for using performance enhancers the first time.

Now, he seems to believe the market will be even more robust now that he has been out of baseball for a year with the added bonus that he won’t be able to play at all for the first third of the season.  I just hope that his delusion is so far out of control that he shows up at the Winter Meetings in a suit and starts handing out his resume to everyone in the lobby.  Does anyone else think that has a pretty good chance of happening?  I really hope someone has a video camera.

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