Wily Mo Pena…Odd Bird

Or should I say “odd snake”? Anyway, our friends over at Awful Announcing found this clip of Wily Mo Pena from last night’s Diamondbacks-Indians game. Let me set the scene: two outs, bottom of the ninth, tie game. The winning run is on third. Pena comes in to pinch hit for the pitcher and all he needed to do was get a hit to win the game. Well…let me show you what he did before the at bat.


Pretty bizarre, huh? Spitting in his helmet and then plopping it on his head…really Wily Mo? But at the end of the day, it all worked out for Pena and the Diamonbacks. He homered into the left field seats to give Arizona a walk-off, 6-4 victory to keep pace with the red hot Giants in the AL West. The DBacks are 2.5 games out in the NL West, and two out in the wild card after last night’s game. Pena has three homers in just 25 at bats on the season already in the majors, and is making a case for more playing time. Arizona’s outfield is playing really well though, and Pena could just be relegated to bench duty for the rest of the season, barring an inury or a trade. Regardless of this, he’s still contributing to the team…even if he is spitting into his helmet as he does it.

Joe Lucia

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