All hail the Atlanta Barves

During Fredi Gonzalez’s 165 tenure (and counting) with the Braves, one word has been used to define his um, “interesting” managerial techniques: BARVES. The typo has been immortalized on t-shirts by a parody account on Twitter, and now, a website has launched devoted to selling shirts with the word on it.

There is absolutely no chance in hell that the website is going to stay up until the end of the week, due to the myriad of copyright violations in the design of the shirt. But on the bright side, it’s good to know that I’m not the only Braves fan out there who loves using the BARVES hashtag whenever the Braves manager does something ridiculously insane (pinch hitting Matt Diaz against a right-handed pitcher, starting slap hitting Jose Constanza over uber-talented Jason Heyward, using Craig Kimbrel in a five run game, etc).

The Braves are in an interesting place after being swept by the Mets to start the year. They begin a series in Houston tonight, and have a great chance of getting back to the .500 mark. If they lose the series to the Astros however, it might be time for fans to at least start to sweat a little bit.

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