Dugout Digest – water from the sky

If I told you that the NLCS game last night between the Giants and Cardinals finished six and a half hours after it started, you'd probably think a hell of a baseball game went on. Well…not really. The game lasted a hair over three hours, and there was a rain delay for nearly three and a half hours in the middle of it. Over in the American League, one pitch wasn't even thrown between the Tigers and Yankees due to the rain. The game will be made up on Thursday, and Friday's originally scheduled offday has been eliminated in the series.

Cardinals 3, Giants 1
-Yankees vs Tigers PPD

Around the league, Ryan Ludwick declined his end of a mutual option with the Reds and will become a free agent. There's also a new minor league team in town named after…hops, commonly used in beer. As an avid craft beer drinker and homebrewer, I'm demanding one of their caps when they're released. There are also these potentially ridiculous rumors of Alex Rodriguez getting traded to the Miami Marlins getting floated around…I think we're going to have to tackle that today.

But there is still baseball currently being played, and today, we're getting two games again! Well, that's what the schedule says at least.

-Yankees vs Tigers. 4:00 PM. CC Sabathia vs Max Scherzer. (3-0 Tigers)
-Giants vs Cardinals. 8:00 PM. Tim Lincecum vs Adam Wainwright. (2-1 Cardinals)

Enjoy your day of baseball, everyone.

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