Gio Gonzalez needs a date

You would think a rich and famous baseball player would be fighting of women with a stick.  That is apparently not the case for Washington Nationals starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez.  I don't typically concern myself with the love of life of professional baseball players, but sometimes I can't help.  Especially when said player turns to Twitter to solicit some romance as Gonzalez did earlier today:

If you yourself are a young woman looking for love, fear not, Gio appears to be on the up and up.  The gala to which he is referring is actually the Nationals Dream Gala, an annual fundraiser for youth baseball programs.  Please take note though that tickets for the event range from $500 to $50,000, so, umm, ladies, I think you know what that means… especially if you order the lobster too.

Lest you think Gonzalez irresponsible for just blindly asking the internet on a date, he did show some real veteran savvy by setting some ground rules for his potential new lady friend:

Good luck, Gio.  Your true love is out there somewhere.  Probably not on Twitter, but definitely somewhere.

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