VIDEO: Melky Cabrera crotch chops Braves fans

Melky Cabrera is reviled among Braves fans for his…how do you say…interesting play during the 2010 season, which included quirkiness, laziness, and most importantly, ineffectiveness. The Braves released him two winters ago after acquiring him in December 2009 as part of the Javier Vazquez trade with the Yankees. Cabrera signed on with the Royals, had an amazing season, and was dealt to San Francisco this past winter. Now, he's an All-Star starter, and life couldn't be better.

Cabrera's Giants made their first trip to Atlanta this year, and it's Cabrera's first time at Turner Field since leaving the organization after 2010. In the third inning, Cabrera catches a fly ball and gives the Braves fans in left field a Degeneration-X style crotch chop after they cat called him. To add injury to insult, the Giants crushed the Braves 9-0 in the game, with Cabrera going 2/5 with two runs, an RBI, and a double.

[h/t: Braves State of Mind]

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