VIDEO: Darnell McDonald had a pretty nice catch too

All of the talk last night (and this morning) was about Mike Trout's amazing catch against the Orioles. But Darnell McDonald of the Boston Red Sox had a pretty awesome catch of his own in Boston's 10-4 win over the Blue Jays during the day. Kelly Johnson hit a deep fly ball to right center that McDonald tracked down, leaped high into the air to grab, and almost fell over the fence into the Toronto bullpen. This was pretty, pretty nice.

Because of McDonald's stature at the end of the day (IE, not a game-changing young stud of a player like Trout is), the time of the game, and the relatively locked down status of the game at the time (Boston was winning 10-4 in the ninth), McDonald's catch went under the radar. But this was a really, really good catch that deserves some attention.

Joe Lucia

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