Dugout Digest – happy Braves day!

NL East week rolls along with Atlanta Braves day. The Braves won the top NL Wild Card spot last season before getting eliminated in the wild card playoff game by the Cardinals, in part due to a sketchy infield fly call. Atlanta dramatically retooled their outfield this winter, and will be going into 2013 as one of the game's most changed teams.

Yesterday was Phillies day on TOC, and here's your recap.

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It was a pretty busy day around the Corner yesterday, and here's your recap.

-We had *another* leak in the Biogenesis clinic. Of course.
David Price wouldn't sign an extension with the Yankees because they'd make him shave his beard.
Giancarlo Stanton got beaned in the head during batting practice by Jose Fernandez.
Jayson Werth's beard took another step towards being a full-blown hobo beard.
Bryce Harper starred in an Under Armour commercial with a bizarre one second clip in the middle of it.
-Taiwanese scouts were caught spying on the South Korean WBC team. Seriously.

Pretty eventful stuff, huh? With Spring Training well under way, that's to be expected though.

Welcome to Braves day, and enjoy Spring Training, everyone.

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