The Cardinals had to break Adam Wainwright out of a block of ice

Adam Wainwright got the nod for the Cardinals on Wednesday night in Denver, and was his typical dominant self in St Louis' 4-3 victory. But on Tuesday, things got…weird.

Before Tuesday's game, which the Cardinals won 11-4, Wainwright got a hug from teammate David Freese. Get it? Freese/freeze? Anyway, after that hug, Wainwright started shivering, and teammate Shane Robinson had to pick up an imaginary ice pick and hammer to chisel Wainwright out of his ice block.

After about 15 seconds of "hammering", Wainwright was free and celebrated by doing a little dance in the Cardinals dugout. You'd probably dance like that too if your team had the best run differential in the National League and was just a game behind Atlanta for the league's top record.

Joe Lucia

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