Yankees rookies dress as music artists as part of hazing ritual

September road trips across the baseball world can mean only one thing: it's time for rookie hazing!

This picture from ESPN New York illustrates just what the Yankees' crop of rookies had to go through. The crew of rookies had to dress as various musical performers and sing and dance through the clubhouse. You can see Preston Claiborne as Billy Ray Cyrus, Cesar Cabral as Rick James, interpreter Jiwon Bang as Psy, Brett Marshall as a dancer from the Gangnam Style video by Psy that caught fire last year, David Adams as Vanilla Ice, and last but not least, JR Murphy as Justin Bieber.

The hazing was led by reliever Joba Chamberlain, who will be a free agent after the season. Personally, I think there's nothing really damning about this and it's just in good fun. Here's to seeing the rest of the rookies across the league getting forced to dress up like doofuses over the final three weeks of play.

[ESPN New York]

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