Miguel Olivo apparently tried to bite Alex Guerrero’s ear off

Here we all were minding our own business on an otherwise uneventful day of baseball news when Jon Morosi casually dropped a bomb on the Twittersphere:


WHAT THE WHAT?!?! One can only assume that “displaced” is just fancy talk for part of Guerrero’s ear being partially or completely bitten off by Olivo. Oh, it is probably worth mentioning that Olivo and Guerrero are currently teammates on the Dodgers’ Triple-A team and the fight took place during the eighth inning of their game today:


There is no word yet on what caused this altercation, but it seems like a pretty serious situation given that the police are now involved:


Most of these clubhouse altercations are typically dealt with internally by the team (for their part, the Dodgers are already said to be looking into the issue) or, at worst, the league. I guess when someone nearly loses a body part, there is no real other choice but to involve the authorities. Whatever the reason for the incident, best wishes to Alex Guerrero who is currently undergoing plastic surgery on his damaged ear.

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