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The most exciting walk offs for the week ending July 6th

This week, we’ve got some extra inning walk offs, a walk off grand slam, and yes, some walk offs that were self-inflicted by the losing team.

June 30th, Athletics vs Tigers

A walk off grand slam? That’s awesome. Good on you, Rajai Davis. He could have just put one in the gap or the corner to tie the game, but he wanted the full monty.

July 1st, Diamondbacks vs Pirates

When the ninth inning started, Wade Miley was just three outs away from a shutout. A few batters later, the Pirates were celebrating at PNC Park. Sometimes, nothing you do is ever good enough.

July 1st, Phillies vs Marlins

The Phillies battled back to tie this one in the eighth…and their bullpen dam finally broke in the 11th. Baseball is a rough game sometimes.

July 2nd, Brewers vs Blue Jays

Edwin Encarnacion just needed a single to win this one. But Edwin Encarnacion doesn’t do singles – this monstrous second deck smash was more than enough for Blue Jays fans to go home happy.

July 2nd, Angels vs White Sox

Given the conditions at US Cellular Field, I think the Angels were just happy to get back to southern California after this game. Don’t cry for them, though – they’ve got their own awesome walk off coming in a little bit.

July 4th, Blue Jays vs Athletics

Nick Punto gets credit for the double that won this game for the Athletics. But Oakland should give an assist to Melky Cabrera – it was his bobble in left that allowed Derek Norris to score and end 12 innings of dueling goose eggs.

July 4th, Astros vs Angels

I don’t know how Mike Trout hit this ball where he hit it, but here we are. The fireworks got started a little early in Anaheim on the 4th.

July 5th, Orioles vs Red Sox

Sometimes, it’s not how hard you hit it, it’s where you hit it. Jonathan Herrera learned that with this broken bat, walk off single into shallow right center for the Red Sox on Saturday.

July 5th, Yankees vs Twins

The Yankees had the inning-ending double play they needed. It would have sent this game to a 12th inning. But Francisco Cervelli’s throw to first was well wide of Mark Teixeira’s glove, and that was that for New York.

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