Trenton Thunder’s new bat puppy needs a name

Is there anything better in the world than a new puppy? Maybe a new puppy that’s going to grow up to be a bat dog!

Well, what exactly is a bat dog? That’s a valid question. It’s a dog (in most cases, a golden retriever) who is trained to retrieve bats during baseball games, of course. The Trenton Thunder, the Yankees’ AA affiliate, have had such a dog delighting and entertaining baseball fans since 2002. The first to take on this important responsibility was Chase (full name “Chase That Golden Thunder”), who served in this critical capacity until his retirement in 2013. Chase passed away in July of last year due to complications from lymphoma and arthritis. Here’s the team’s tribute video to their beloved bat dog which was shown at the Arm & Hammer Park on the night of his retirement party. (Warning: it might get dusty.)

The bat dog tradition has continued in Trenton with Chase’s son, Derby (full name “Home Run Derby,” of course), who has filled his father’s paws ably. Derby is a natural showman and took to the role immediately. Here’s a clip of him in action:

And now, a third generation of bat dogs has arrived. The team announced earlier this week that Derby became the proud papa of two puppies, a boy and a girl. Yup, we have a new bat puppy!

The newest bat dog should be ready to serve in Trenton in 2015 after training which will take approximately 18 months. In the meantime, the adorable little pup needs a name. That’s where you come in. The Thunder are asking for help naming the little guy.

If you’ve got a baseball-themed suggestion for the adorable future bat dog, submit it here.

Photos via Eric Lipsman/Trenton Thunder