NFL Week 8 Preview: Philadelphia Eagles look for redemption in an NFC East Battle

8:30 P.M., ET, NBC

Why Watch
The tight race for the NFC East leaves no room for division losses. With much of the division schedule still to play, both the Cowboys and Eagles see this game as an important stepping stone toward the playoffs.

The Eagles set out to do a better job buying a championship than that guy Snyder down I-95–and got similar results. You would think they should have learned something after victimizing the Redskins so often. The Cowboys set out to return to the Super Bowl as they have done every year since the 1995 season because, well, it’s their birthright. A loss will devastate Eagles hopes. They would be forced to win eight of its last nine games to for a shot at the division title.

What To Watch
Did the Eagles take maximum advantage of the bye week to fix whatever is ailing the defense? The Eagles adjusted the wide nine defense for the Redskins game and it worked, stifling the Washington running game and holding their opponent to 13 points. It was the fewest points allowed since the Eagles’ week 1 win over the Rams. 

Trent Cole’s return means the Cowboys cannot focus on DE Justin Babin. No one is happier about that than Babin. Eagles’ DC Juan Castillo will ask cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to cover Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, but worries he has asked too much from him this season. Whether Asomugha attacks Bryant with man-to-man or zone coverage is the question. Here’s a hint–Bryant is too dangerous to cover with the zone. 

The big test for the Eagles may be Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray. Murray’s 253-yard day against the Rams was quite a story. On the other hand, it was against the Rams. Treat it as a fluke until Murray proves otherwise.

Who Will Win
The Eagles have too much talent to keep losing. A home win against the Cowboys on national TV keeps the vultures at bay for another week.

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