Allen Wranglers cut Terrell Owens

Last season, Terrell Owens tried, and failed miserably, to make an NFL comeback. Many thought that signing with the Allen Wranglers, an Indoor Football League team, for a six-figure salary that also included an ownership stake in the team was actually his career’s rock bottom. If that was the case, that hold just got a little deeper.

Earlier today, the Allen Wranglers cut Owens and terminated his ownership share in the team, citing Owens’ violation of his contract as the reason for his dismissal. Wranglers owner Jon Frankel indicated that Owens’ refusal to play in a pair of upcoming road games for the Wranglers was the last straw in a statement released to ESPN Dallas.

“It’s disappointing and unfortunate, but [he] could no longer be tolerated by the Wrangler organization.” -Jon Frankel, Allen Wranglers owner

As you may recall, Owens’ comeback attempt culminated with a workout organized by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus. No NFL scout attended the workout, and it was viewed as nothing short of embarrassing for Owens.

Terrell Owens ranks second in all-time receiving yards (15,934), but his mark is nearly 7,000 behind Jerry Rice’s record of 22,895 receiving yards. At this point, It may be time for Owens to hang it up. He always has something to say, and there may be a future for him in the broadcast booth, but it’s becoming more and more apparent with each passing day that his time on an NFL field as a player is over. If that is indeed the case, it’s a rather inglorious ending to a great NFL player’s career.

Shane Clemons

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