Morning Huddle – NFLPA’s outside counsel pushes back

And to think this will all be behind us in the very near future. I’m missing Bountygate already!

The NFLPA’s outside counsel released a statement yesterday regarding Bountygate that can be found here. It’s no secret that I almost never favor the NFLPA over the NFL, and this is no exception. To my less-than-unbiased perspective, the statement only sounds like a lot of bellyaching. The fact of the matter is that the NFLPA agreed to this process last year when they signed the current CBA, and now they realize they agreed to a poor deal. Tough break guys, but this is the process you agreed to. Live with it.

While I don’t agree with everyone on the list or their placement, Gil Brandt of does a solid job ranking LaDainian Tomlinson among other great running backs. My biggest problem with the list is that Emmitt Smith (10th) is ranked below Tomlinson (9th). For shame Mr. Brandt; for shame!

Mike Wallace sent Steelers fans into an unnecessary panic yesterday when he accidently retweeted a troll tweet indicating he would not be with the Steelers in 2012. Wallace quickly corrected the mistake by tweeting that he would in fact be with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012. Like they say, always think before you [insert form of electronic communication here].

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