New York Jets trade for Tim Tebow

The verdict is in on a couple of fronts this afternoon. One of the top stories is that Tim Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets according to Adam Schefter.

With the move, the Jets are getting a fan favorite from Denver. Details of the trade haven’t yet been released, but it would surprise no one if the Jets overpaid for Tebow. Considering that I consider losing a 4th round draft pick overpaying, that’s not necessarily the end of the world.

The big issue in New York now is what will happen with Mark Sanchez. Sanchez just signed a contract extension, but his position as the Jets’ starting quarterback is anything but secure. The embattled quarterback has consistently received votes of confidence from Rex Ryan, dispite the Jets showing interest in Peyton Manning and now Tim Tebow.

Many thought that Jacksonville was a perfect fit for Tebow. That position has been challenged over the past few days. Many die-hard fans have been vocally against the Jaguars trading for Tebow as well as some of the Jaguars’ players. Even though Shahid Khan said that he would have drafted Tim Tebow had he been the owner in 2010, it appears that the Jaguars’ personnel department had the final say.

Tim Tebow’s future remains unclear, but the Jets and their fans are likely happy to have him. Rex Ryan may even declare the Jets’ quarterback position and open competition, opening the door for Tebow to start for the Jets. His run first mentality and physical play should fit right in with the Jets. I wonder if Tebow will begin using trash talk. Somehow I doubt that.

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