Will the Dolphins entertain on ‘Hard Knocks?’

The Miami Dolphins to be featured to a National Audience, the last time that happen was week 1 against the New England Patriots and they were completely embarrassed giving up over 500 yards. Now The Dolphins are trying to rebuild their image and rebuild their reputation to the public eye. National media types ridicule Dolphins no matter what because it’s easy, hopefully the Dolphins can try and overcome this through Hard Knocks.

First year head coach Joe Philbin is taking this opportunity head on and is excited to show off his team on HBO in front of the bright lights.

Here are a couple of potential story lines for this year’s Hard Knocks

  1. Sorry to state the obvious but Laure Tannehill, the over under on Lauren Tannehill mentions is currently set at around 5000.
  2. Richie Incognito, certainly a character who will thrive in front of the camera, Richie is one crazy dude.
  3. Reggie Bush vs. Kim K – the ratings battle for reality tv
  4. QB competition – granted it’s not going to be pretty but everyone loves positional battles
  5. Players grinding for the final roster spots.
  6. 1st year head coach Joe Philbin
  7. Can Jeff Ireland prevent embarrassing himself further?
  8. Sean Smith and Vontae Davis, two young corners with loads of potential who happen to be two character guys.
  9. Lauren Tannehill

The Dolphins are taking a complete PR risk here, while this has a potential to be a homerun, there is also nightmare potential.  While the Dolphins aren’t the ideal team for the show for the national media, I wouldn’t be surprised if they surprise a few people and make for an entertaining season.

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