Braylon Edwards knows Mark Sanchez needs to be better to hang on to starting job in New York

Without a doubt, the biggest quarterback battle, or at least the closest watched battle, is in New York where rookie Geno Smith is trying to unseat veteran Mark Sanchez for the privilege of leading the Jets' offense on Sundays this season.

Players have been weighing in the matter for much of the offseason, and now it's apparently wide receiver Braylon Edwards' turn to do so.

"It's going to be a battle," Edwards told the media at training camp. "Mark can't make mistakes like he has in the past. Things have to be legit with Mark for him to be the starter because he has a legit guy knocking at the back door."

There seems to be a hidden message in Edwards' comments. He seems to imply something that everyone who follows the NFL much at all are aware of; competition is always good. Sanchez has been "the guy" for too long in New York, and it may have kept him from developing as he should have.

Edwards went on to say that Geno Smith isn't prepared to accept a backup role with the Jets.

"He’s not happy to be backing up Mark Sanchez," Edwards continued. "He’s here to start. You can tell with his leadership."

With preseason games just around the corner, we'll see how the two quarterbacks really stack up soon enough.

Shane Clemons

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