Kansas City Chiefs will start coming back to earth Sunday night

I don't mean to hate on the Kansas City Chiefs. It's amazing that they've gone from 2-14 one season to 9-0 the next, and I do believe this team has a bright future. In fact, the present remains bright, too. This franchise could surprise me and go on a Super Bowl run this January. 

Still, I don't see Kansas City as a playoff team, and I think that will become more obvious Sunday night in Denver, when Andy Reid and Co. faces the league's best all-around team, and their division rival, the Denver Broncos, for the first time in 2013. 

For that game, the Chiefs, despite their 9-0 record, are an eight-point Vegas underdog. Peyton Manning has a balky ankle and the Broncos have had some less-than-stellar performances this season, but the Broncos are still expected to win easily. 

Expect that to be the case, and expect it to be only the first indication that the Chiefs are in trouble as the home stretch of the season hits us. 

Early on, KC feasted on piss-poor, struggling opponents like Jacksonville, Philly, the Giants and the Raiders. Lately, they've merely been surviving against a similarly low-caliber of opponents, taking care of Houston, Cleveland and Buffalo in too-close-for-comfort victories. 

Their luck is about to run out.

Consider that the Chiefs' first nine opponents have a combined record of just 30-55 (.353). I know, you can only play who's on your schedule, but that doesn't mean we can't use that when evaluating how well you've actually performed. 

Their final seven opponents (four of whom they have to play away from Arrowhead) are 37-27 (.578). 

It's been a fun ride, but the Chiefs are due to receive multiple wake-up calls. 

Brad Gagnon

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