Is Jeff Fisher on the hot seat?

The St. Louis Rams are at the bottom of the NFC West at 1-3, and they’ve looked like one of the league’s worst teams in their last couple of games. With their hopes of making a playoff run fading fast, we have to wonder; is Jeff Fisher on the hot seat?

Right now, I have to believe the answer is no, but he does need to show growth as the season progresses. The Rams were a competitive team a season ago, largely due to growth in Sam Bradford. Now, it seems, Fisher needs his team to get back to where they were a year ago before they regressed over the offseason.

Sam Bradford has been criticized for his play this year, but frankly, the Rams’ problems can’t simply be dropped on him. He hasn’t been great this year, but he’s posted decent numbers, only lacking the support to put more points on the board.

The Rams defense has been particularly troubling. If the Rams don’t get off to a quick start offensively, the defense has to be able to hold the opponent down to a reasonable point total, and that hasn’t been the case.

In four games, the Rams held their opponent below 30 points just once. In that week one matchup against the Cardinals, the Rams allowed just 24 points, and it was just enough to scrape out the win. Since then, the Rams have allowed 31 points, 31 points again and 35 points respectively.

So, no, Jeff Fisher is on the hot seat just yet. He’s regarded as a great head coach with great discipline, and that’s not something the Rams will be willing to pass on anytime soon. That being said, his team is still near the bottom of the barrel, and he’ll have to show growth to keep his job. Considering where the Rams currently are, that doesn’t seem to be an overly daunting task.

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