Jaguars uniform review

Yesterday, we got our first up-close look at the Jacksonville Jaguars new uniforms. After taking the night to think about them, I've decided to pick them apart piece by piece.

The Helmet

The Jaguars' new helmets not only sport the team's new logo, they're also the only NFL helmets that utilize a color fade, going from matte black in the front to a gloss gold. The result is indeed modern, but it's also not very appealing. Maybe this is a part of the uniform that will grow on me over time, but going for a straight matte black look, to me, would have been the best move the Jaguars could have made.

The Jersey

In my mind, the actual jerseys are the best part of the uniforms, especially the teal variant. The Jaguars have decided to make their all-black uniform their primary home uniform, and that jersey is just fine. The military style patch over the players' hearts is a nice touch that  doesn't take away from the rest of the jersey. The number font is exceptionally aggressive, something I love. In addition, it's great to see some gold accents back on the Jaguars' uniforms.

The Pants

There's really not much to say about the Jaguars' new pants. They're pretty basic with one strange stripe situated on the sides. They compliment the jerseys, and that's about it.

Overall Grade: B

Had the Jaguars went with a more traditional helmet such as the all matte black I suggested, I probably would be in love with their uniforms. The problem is they decided to go modern post-modern on us, and it doesn't work all that well. If we're lucky, they'll tweak the helmets in the future because the rest of the uniform works well.

Shane Clemons

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