Jets draft Geno Smith in second round. Queue the overreaction

My Twitter timeline exploded in laughter as soon as the New York Jets selected West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. It wasn't because of Geno.

Quarterback confusion is the distinguishing hallmark of the Jets. Five are already on the roster. New York extended Mark Sanchez' contract last season to show their faith and confidence in him. Well that did not work so well. Now they are on the hook for $8 million to Sanchez whether he stays with the team or not. He is too expensive to trade or release, but he is competing for his football life with the outcome in doubt.

I will buy you a hamburger if you can explain why Tim Tebow is on the team. Greg McElroy did not show well in limited starts. Veteran David Garrard is on the roster. He may be the Jets' most solid prospect and a steadying influence. Garrard isn't interested in that. He wants to compete.

A roster line-up of Sanchez, Garrard and Smith, not necessarily in that order, could make sense. As we said, the Jets quarterback situation is, um, confusing.

Optimum Scouting's Eric Galko listed Smith No. 1 of the top 250 prospects remaining after round one.

"In what was a surprising development on draft day, not a single team traded up from the first round to select the quarterback who we feel is the best in this draft class. He shouldn’t last long in the 2nd round, and I’m still confident he’ll have a long NFL career."

 Jets fans have tired of circus. They hope that Geno brings order out of chaos. Smith has shows a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve. He will learn quickly that every small comment will explode in the New York media market.

Bloggers and sportswriters applaud the move. The Jets are ripe material for the rest of the year.

Once the announcement was made, the Elton John standard Benny and the Jets popped in my head and I cannot shake it. Let us close with that.

Anthony Brown

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