Nick Foles can steal the Eagles’ starting job with a great performance against the Bucs

Michael Vick isn’t an expendable piece of the Philadelphia Eagles’ puzzle – yet. With a great performance by Nick Foles on Sunday, Vick may be on his way out of Philadelphia.

The Eagles haven’t exactly been a success story with their new-look offense this season. The team has moved the ball, often very effectively, but points have been tougher to come by, and Michael Vick’s athleticism hasn’t translated into the unstoppable offensive production some thought.

Although Nick Foles wasn’t all that impressive in preseason action, especially when compared to Michael Vick, that’s all in the past. In preseason practices, Foles rarely took the role of the first team quarterback, and he often played with backups in games. With Vick likely sidelined by injury again this weekend, Foles will have the full reigns of the Eagles.

While Vick still has some very capable years in front of him, he’s not a young player in a young player’s league. Nick Foles is a young player. Strictly from a long-term perspective, the Eagles would rather see Nick Foles’ career take off than see Michael Vick return to his former self for a few more years.

In the NFL, your job is normally safe as long as your winning (we’ll ignore Alex Smith in this discussion), but that’s just the problem. Michael Vick hasn’t been winning this season, and when your not winning, your job is up for grabs. That’s just the nature of the game.

The Buccaneers are a weak team, so obviously, Foles has to walk away with a win on Sunday if he is indeed the starting quarterback for the Eagles this weekend. That being said, he needs to do much more than that. He has to win convincingly to win over Eagles fans, and more importantly, head coach Chip Kelly.

Essentially, Michael Vick will remain the Eagles’ quarterback as long as Foles doesn’t come through in a big way. If, however, Foles performs well on Sunday, a true quarterback controversy may be born in Philadelphia.

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