Police search pond for Aaron Hernandez’s alleged murder weapon

Police divers searched a pond in Bristol, Connecticut earlier this afternoon, hunting for the .45-calibur Glock handgun that was allegedly used by Aaron Hernandez to kill Odin Lloyd, according to The Courant.

Police have confiscated guns from Hernandez prior to the dive, but none of those guns match the .45-calibur description of the gun police believe was seen by surveillance cameras. The gun was presumably used to kill Lloyd.

In what seems to be becoming a damning case against Hernandez, the recovery of a murder weapon linked to the former tight end would seem to be an insurmountable obstacle for Hernandez’s defense to overcome.

The pond in question is located near a house owned by Hernandez’s uncle, where Hernandez’s associates reportedly drove after the shooting. It is also near the apartment complex where police found the car linked to the crime.

There’s been no word whether police are acting off of a tip or are just looking in logical places to dump a murder weapon.

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