Prop bets of Super Bowl XLVII

On Sunday, many of us will be sitting on couches happily watching the Super Bowl and celebrating the season that was. For others, that's not quite enough, and they need something to fill in the gap. For many, Super Bowl 47 betting will provide that extra bit of enjoyment. Some people bet on the game's outcome, but today we're going off the beaten trail. Here's the best proposition (prop) bets for the big game.

The Coin Toss

Unless you're trying to get a free pizza from Papa John's, you should probably avoid coin toss bets altogether.

Total Penalties (Over/Under: 13.5)

These two teams are both disciplined units. Still, this is the Super Bowl, and you can probably count on a few mental errors early in the game. This one could be close, but I would feel comfortable calling "under" on this one.

Length of the National Anthem (2:15)

Alicia Keys doesn't strike me as the type of over-extend the the national anthem. 2:15 seems like a long time for someone that's more likely to give us a straightforward performance. Again, I'll take the "under."

Length of the Postgame Handshake (7.5 seconds)

As I think about these two guys, I could see there being a great deal of emotion at the end of the game. Emotion usually leads to long hugs/handshakes. I'm thinking this exchange could go upwards of ten seconds. We'll call "over."

"Harbowl" Mentions (2.5)

This prop bet includes the terms Harbowl, Harbaugh Bowl and Super Baugh. I can't imagine any broadcaster passing up such a chance to use those terms. I'll call "over," and by "over" I mean "way over."

Will Beyonce's hair be straight?

At this point, these bets are ridiculous. Still, I'm thinking she'll go with straight hair.

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