Five teams on the hot seat in 2013

Now that the draft is in our rearview mirrors, we can start looking forward to training camp, preseason games, and finally, real football. There are a number of teams in full-blown rebuild mode, but there exists another tier of team that is trying to hang on and get into the playoffs. These are the teams that are on the brink of a complete overhaul.

5) San Diego Chargers

Sure, the Chargers now have a new front office and a new coaching staff, but the roster still resembles the old Chargers that were chronically guilty of underachieving. After this season's debacle, and yes, that's a prediction, that new front office may begin rebuilding the team from the ground up.

4) Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers moved on from the John Fox era by drafting Cam Newton and hiring Ron Rivera. In there first season together, there was some great promise, but last year saw the Panthers showing little progression, and Cam Newton's production leveled off. If the Panthers don't begin showing that they're headed in the right direction this season, look for a change in the coaching staff after 2013.

3) Tennessee Titans

Last season was rough for the Titans and their fans. Mike Munchak's second season as the Titans' top man fell flat, and quarterback-of-the-future Jake Locker looked overwhelmed by the speed of the NFL most of the time. The Titans managed just six wins in a relatively weak division. With little reason for optimism, it's not a stretch to believe that the Titans will be considering their options at quarterback and head coach after the 2013 season.

2) New York Jets

Be honest, we all knew the Jets would be high on this list. When a team "blows it up," the rebuild process should commence. The problem is that the Jets only blew up the front office, leaving Rex Ryan and Co. in tact. The Jaguars tried in inverse of that when they hired Mike Mularkey without getting a new front office, and that worked out really well. The Jets still don't know how to handle adversity. The positive point here is that their biggest distraction, Tim Tebow, is now gone, but the Jets have proven time and time again that they can create their own distractions if they get board.

1) Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones. That name has become synonymous with "narcissist" over the past decade. While Jason Garrett probably isn't the right coach for the job in Dallas, Jerry Jones certainly isn't the right man to be making personnel decisions. Following yet another seemingly poor draft haul, the Cowboys seem set for another disappointing finish. 8-8 won't be enough for Garrett to keep his job in 2013, but something tells me 8-8 is the Cowboys' best case scenario. Look for Jones to be on the hunt for a new coach once again after the end of the season.

Shane Clemons

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