Texans GM calls out Matt Schaub

The Texans have always been the "yeah but" team according to Chris Berman. Even though they've won the division in consecutive years, the Texans still fall flat in the playoffs.

Coaches and executives have taken notice, and much of the blame is being placed on the shoulders of Matt Schaub.

Texans quarterbacks coach Karl Dorrell told the team website that Schaub needs to be a "crunch time" player to enter the ranks of the elite. Today, Texans GM Rick Smith told NFL AM that Schaub must play better in big games.

"Quarterbacks are judged by championships," Smith said. "That’s just a function of the position. That’s just the reality. And he understands that. He knows that. And he does have to play better in those situations for us to take our team to the next level."

There's no doubting that the Texans haven't brought their A-game to the playoffs. The Patriots eliminated them in last season's playoffs by piling on 41 points, and although the Texans scored 28 of their own, that offense is certainly capable of more.

The Texans are one of the few teams in the league that can win with offense or defense. The problem is that the Texans' offense and defense don't show up on the same days in the playoffs. To win a Super Bowl, the Texans may have to win a shootout or two in the playoffs, and that's when Matt Schaub has to be at his finest.

Shane Clemons

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