The Cowboys should be playoff bound in 2013

The Dallas Cowboys are the new San Diego Chargers. By that, I mean, the Cowboys are a chronically underachieving team, but they’ve bought into the rebirth mantra that owner Jerry Jones has been preaching, and frankly, they should.

The Cowboys play in a very competitive division, but it’s not necessarily the best in football. Every team in the NFC East has a legitimate opportunity to make a playoff run. The Redskins are counting on second year quarterback Robert Griffin III, the Eagles are hoping their new offense is a big hit, and the Giants are trying to milk one more run out of their current championship window, although at this point, that seems like a bit of a stretch.

The only team in the division that strikes me as a solid, all-around roster is the Dallas Cowboys, and the reasons for that feeling, ironically, are Tony Romo and Jason Garrett.

I’m a believer that a great coach doesn’t just “lose it” overnight. Jason Garrett may not be a great head coach, but he’s a great offensive mind, and Tony Romo, despite some late season flops, is a solid franchise quarterback. In addition, the team has weapons and a defense that can hold opponents down.

Every other team in the NFC East has glaring holes. The Eagles are relying on an unproven system, the Redskins have put their faith in the knee of a young star, and Giants are lacking in top end talent across the board.

Yes, the Dallas Cowboys have fallen flat on their faces two years in a row in do-or-die week 17 games. This year, it looks like the Cowboys shouldn’t have to worry about winning their last regular season game. Their playoff destiny should be determined well before that point. They’re the most complete team in a solid division, and their lack of glaring weaknesses will serve them well in divisional play.

Shane Clemons

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