Unnamed Lions linebacker pays Adrian Peterson unique compliment

It's hard to make a joke about performance enhancing drugs. They've left a mark on all sports' credibility, and they've called into questions some of the greatest accomplishments in any givens sport, yet one Lions linebacker found a way to use PEDs as a way to compliment Adrian Peterson and his remarkable return to elite play after his knee injury.

"Whatever you were juicing on, let me know. I need it," an unnamed Lions player said to Adrian Peterson according to CBS Sports' Pete Prisco. To that, Peterson simply said, "Man, it's a lot of prayer. The juice of God."

"It was like turning a negative into a positive," Peterson told Prisco. "To be honest with you, it makes me feel good when people say little stuff like that, and I'm sure it happens all the time. I guess I am performing that well that people think I'm juicing, that I am taking something. That really shows me how much God has blessed me to be able to come back and play the way I played. To me, it's a compliment (the PED talk). I've always been an honest person. I never cheated the system. I am big on taking advantage of my natural abilities and applying work ethic to it to be able to climb the highest level. People make that decision to do that (PEDS), but I'm not that individual. I feel like I'd be cheating myself. And things I've accomplished would be void. That's not what I am about."

We've heard athletes laugh off PED talk before, saying it would cheapen their accomplishments only to find out years later that they really had been on some form of performance enhancing drug, but there's always been a feeling that what you see is what you get with Adrian Peterson. He's not showy; he just goes out and does his job every week.

Right now, we don't know who the funnyman-linebacker on the Lions' roster was, but it was a funny, and unique, was to compliment a running back on such a return to competitive football.

Shane Clemons

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