Ranking the potential Super Bowl matchups

All season long, we brought you viewability rankings for every game every week. That's over with now, because every game is a must-watch. However, let's rank the 16 possible Super Bowl games from most to least enticing. 

1. Patriots vs. Saints: Could the Patriots lose the Super Bowl for the third time in seven years? Could the Saints win only a year removed from Bountygate? The two biggest lightning rods in the NFL go head-to-head in a high-scoring game. 

2. Broncos vs. Saints: Manning vs. Brees 2.0. A quarterback rematch from 2009. Plus, so much offense!

3. Broncos vs. Seahawks: You could argue that this is the NFL's best-ever offense against this year's best defense. Plus, it's No. 1 seed vs. No. 1 seed. 

4. Colts vs. Panthers: Cam Newton vs. Andrew Luck. Back-to-back No. 1 overall picks in a battle for Super Bowl No. 1. This would be amazing considering how bad both teams were just a couple years ago. 

5. Chargers vs. Saints: Brees against the team that gave him up. That would be remarkable. 

6. Broncos vs. Panthers: Anything with Peyton Manning shooting for his second Super Bowl is good. Add the Cam Newton element and you're golden. 

7. Broncos vs. 49ers: Same deal as above but with Colin Kaepernick instead of Cam. 

8. Colts vs. Saints: An actual rematch of the 2009 game, and to set this up the Colts would be one hell of a Cinderella. 

9. Colts vs. 49ers: Cinderella Colts against a franchise looking for its sixth Super Bowl, which would tie Pittsburgh for the most all time. Plus it's Luck vs. Harbaugh. 

10. Colts vs. Seahawks: Blowout possibility but Andrew Luck vs. Russell Wilson would be fun. 

11. Patriots vs. 49ers: Great coaching matchup, offensive vs. defense and two tremendous fan bases. 

12. Patriots vs. Seahawks: Fun coaching matchup and offense vs. defense. 

13. Patriots vs. Panthers: It is a rematch of a great regular-season game and a superb Super Bowl from a decade ago. Plus, it's David and Goliath.

14. Chargers vs. 49ers: California Super Bowl. The South vs. the North. Not a lot more to it than that, and there's definitely a blowout possibility. 

15. Chargers vs. Panthers: At least we'd be guaranteed a first-time Super Bowl winner. 

16. Chargers vs. Seahawks: Same deal as above, but this could be a blowout. 

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