Snoop Dogg is REALLY not a fan of Steelers OC Todd Haley

The Pittsburgh Steelers are getting poleaxed in their dress rehearsal for the regular season, currently losing 31-14 to the Eagles in the all-important-but-not-really-important third preseason game.  The first string offense was particularly pitiful and no match for Chip Kelly’s high flying attack.

The performance led one famous Steelers fan to voice his displeasure.

Snoop Dogg posted this NSFW Instagram ripping Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley during the Eagles game.  Step aside hot sports takes, and see how it’s really done from the D-O-Double-G…

He’s right you know.  The Steelers haven’t won a playoff game since they brought Todd Haley aboard.  You know what they say – if you’ve lost Snoop Dogg, you’ve lost all of Steelers Nation.