Predicting five Super Bowl records that will fall on Sunday

The Super Bowl is a time for betting on ridiculous things. Whether it’s the coin toss, how many times the word “Tebow” is said on the broadcast, or what color Roger Goodell wears (hint: probably black, like his heart) you’ve got a real opportunity to make cash by wagering on things few have ever imagined possible. And while I may not be qualified to guess how many times Mike Ditka falls asleep in a given pre game show, below are five game related items to keep an eye on. The Super Bowl is all about records and here’s ones I think are mostly likely to fall:

Lowest scoring Super Bowl in history: This one is probably a stretch because the Panthers have scored a ton this year, the kicking games are as accurate as ever in the modern era, and Super Bowl VII produced an enthralling 21 point total output (Dolphins beat Redskins 14-7). In fact, that game might still be tied at 7-7 today and ongoing in an infinite number of overtimes if it wasn’t for a fluke fumble return in the 4th quarter to win it. That said, both defenses in this game are ridiculous. If the offenses play it safe and avoid turnovers, points could be hard to come by.

Most rushing yards by a QB in Super Bowl history: Cam Newton does a lot of damage on the ground and it’s a huge part of his game. As terrifying as the Broncos are rushing the passer and as good as they are on the back end in coverage, he’ll need to keep them honest by making plays with his feet. Steve McNair has the most rushing yards by a quarterback in Super Bowl history with 64. Cam Newton could get 65 yards rushing against most teams by hopping on one leg, but this is the Broncos, so we’ll see.

Biggest blowout in Super Bowl history: The Broncos love taking beat downs in the Super Bowl. We all remember them getting housed by the Seahawks a couple years ago by 35, but that isn’t even close to being as embarrassing as the 55-10 obliteration they took from the 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV. I realize this is completely contrarian to the possibility of this game being the lowest scoring one in history. If this happens, the other one will not. But let’s face it – Peyton Manning is bad. Bad as in probably the worst starting quarterback in the NFL this year not named Brandon Weeden. He’s a shell of his former self. The Panthers just beat the Cardinals 49-15 in the NFC Championship and made Carson Palmer look like Matt Leinart throwing the ball right handed. Based on that, is it that big of a stretch to think the Panthers will make Peyton look like his dad Archie in his current form? The Panthers need to win by 46.

Oldest starting QB to win a Super Bowl: John Elway was 38 when he won his last Super Bowl. So as much as the Broncos like getting blown out in the big game, the Broncos also like to win it with someone resembling the Crypt-Keeper at QB. OK, that was mean, I rescind. Peyton Manning is 39, so he would beat Elway’s record with a win. By the time the game is over, he’ll likely be 47, too.

Most defensive touchdowns in a Super Bowl: Luke Kuechly has basically turned playoff pick 6’s into a mundane activity, like brushing his teeth. Von Miller’s mere presence on the field pretty much awards the Broncos 7 points before the game even starts. Tampa scored three defensive touchdowns in XXXVII, all on interception returns. The teams would have to combine for four defensive scores to break the record.


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