2017 NFL Draft Preview: Three pre-draft hot takes

The 2017 NFL Draft is set to go underway in Philadelphia this weekend. With the NCAA’s best talent assembled in Philly, the drama at the top of the draft appears non-existent this year with Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett in place atop the draft board for the Cleveland Browns. That doesn’t mean the weekend will be […]

2017 NFL Scouting Combine Preview: Sleepers to watch in Indianapolis

The 2017 NFL Scouting Combine will kick off this weekend in Indianapolis with over 300 prospects headed to converge on the city with the common goal to do as much as possible to impress NFL scouts, coaches and general managers before the draft. With a plethora of star players and a sheer high amount of […]

2017 NFL Free Agency Preview: Tight Ends

While the group of free agents at wide receiver is deep in proven talent, the tight end position is the polar opposite. With a weak class of mostly journeyman players, this group of free agents will be defined by Martellus Bennett’s aim to earn compensation for his Super Bowl winning performance with the New England […]

2017 NFL Free Agency Preview: Wide Receivers

NFL Free Agency opens on March 9 and This Given Sunday is previewing the free agency class position by position. This column focuses on the wide receiver position, a group that features plenty of experienced names and the intriguing Terrelle Pryor Sr. who will be looking to cash in on just one year at wideout to make […]

2017 NFL Free Agency Preview: Safeties

With free agency set to open in under two weeks, it is time to start to evaluate the 2017 class of names that will hope to cash in on the rare opportunity to earn a hefty longterm contract out of an NFL team. A feat that only the most successful players accomplish in a league […]

2016 NFL Playoffs: Final Thoughts on the Divisional Weekend

After the Wild Card Weekend opened the playoffs with little drama, the Divisional Weekend appeared to be headed to a similar fate after Saturday’s games followed a similar path with the Patriots and Falcons cruising to double-digit victories. Thankfully, Sunday provided fireworks at long last with two close games that provided plenty of drama. Aaron […]

2016 NFL Playoffs: Final Wild Card Weekend thoughts

We entered the 2016 NFL Playoffs with the expectations of a Wild Card Weekend filled with mostly bad football, and four games devoid of fourth quarter drama affirmed those expectations. Injuries to starting quarterbacks in both games ruined the AFC side of the Wild Card draw while in the NFC, comfortable second halves at home […]

2016 NFL Playoffs: Bold Wild Card Weekend predictions

After 17 long weeks it is finally time for the start of the road to the Super Bowl with a Wild Card weekend that is short on competitive matchups, but could yield many surprises. As we head into the opening weekend of the postseason, it is time to make some bold predictions for the Wild […]

Why the Oakland Raiders are better off starting Connor Cook

The Oakland Raiders dream return to the postseason has been ruined completely by the season-ending injury to franchise quarterback Derek Carr after Indianapolis Colts pass rusher Trent Cole ended the MVP candidate’s season in Week 16. Cole’s hit has caused an 180-degree turn of fortune for the Raiders from the team of the moment on pace […]