2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot could be fun

There’s a chance the 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot could be one of the most intriguing we’ve had in years in terms of newly-eligible candidates. That’s because there’s a growing belief that surefire first-ballot quarterback Peyton Manning will retire after this year’s Super Bowl, and Manning might not be the only active star […]

Conference championship Sunday by the numbers

Championship Sunday has given us our Super Bowl 50 combatants, with the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos—two top five teams this season that combined for five losses—set to meet in San Francisco. But before we go about the business of dissect every nook and cranny of that matchup for two weeks, let’s reflect once more […]

Tom Brady has struggled in Denver more than anywhere else

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a losing record in just six NFL stadiums. In Carolina, Kansas City, New Orleans and Seattle, he’s either 1-2 or 0-1. Hardly a sample size worth drawing conclusions from. In Miami, he’s 6-8. A little surprising, but the Dolphins are a solid division rival. The sixth city on […]

The NFL’s Four Remaining Teams Gearing Up For Historic Championship Sunday

There’s only one “Championship Sunday” a year and this season, it’s set to commence on January 24 when the stakes can’t get any bigger. On this day, the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots will do battle in the AFC title game, while the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals will collide in the NFC version, […]

Does the Panthers’ banged-up secondary make them vulnerable?

The Carolina Panthers have been known for the past few years for the outstanding defense. This year, Cam Newton elevated the offense to new heights, and that left the defense to be brushed under the rug by many. They have not fallen off at all. If anything, the full blossoming of Josh Norman made the […]

Chip Kelly was tailor-made to coach in at the college level

Chip Kelly lasted 47 games in his first NFL head-coaching role, which shouldn’t really be surprising considering the discouraging precedents set by coaches who — like Kelly — failed to deliver after coming to the NFL with no professional coaching experience. Throw in that Kelly inexplicably blew up a stellar offense after the front office […]

By booing former members of the home team, fans reveal their stupidity

Saturday night in Philadelphia, former Eagles wide receiver and current Redskins wideout DeSean Jackson was booed. And it made no sense. See, as Jackson pointed out, he was released by Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. So by booing him, you’re essentially accusing a guy who got fired of being a traitor. “It’s disturbing to come […]

If the 2015 NFL playoffs started today…

With one week remaining in the 2015 NFL regular season, here’s a breakdown of the playoff picture… AFC right now 1. Patriots (12-3) 2. Broncos (11-4) 3. Bengals (11-4) 4. Texans (8-7) 5. Chiefs (10-5) 6. Jets (10-5) ————————– 7. Steelers (9-6) If the Patriots, Broncos, Chiefs and Jets all win as expected, we’ll have […]

Black Monday preview: Which NFL coaches should be fired?

For about half of the league’s head coaches, Black Monday is an annual day of fear, if not utter demise. The season ends and some front offices immediately give their coach the ax. Of course, a few coaches will slip through the cracks and miraculously retain their jobs, but franchises are generally impatient and more […]