Congrats(?) Bills fans, you lead the league in drinking

Bills fans

There’s nothing scientific about this study, but I’ll trust the word of a man who’s been to a game at every NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA outpost in North America.

Sean McDonald has done that, and he spent the 2013 NFL season attending a game at each league venue. His conclusion? Buffalo Bills fans lead the league in rampant inebriation. McDonald wrote a book title “Ultimate Football Road Trip” and gave the Bills faithful that crown while writing this

What I remember most of all here is the wild atmosphere, one of the craziest I saw during my travels, with much of it due to excessive alcohol consumption. As you can probably guess, Bills fans are the drunkest I witnessed on my trip. That is true before, during and after the game. I even saw the Bills twice on the road and this observation was merely confirmed. Unfortunately, most of them are unable to hold their liquor and lose control, becoming a danger to others or to themselves.

Going 14 years without playoff football (a league high) would certainly increase the average alcohol intake, along with the bitter cold late in the season.

So congrats(?) Buffalo. You’ve earned it.