Nick Saban and Ed Orgeron

Rivalries in the SEC run deep and few run deeper than the rivalry between Alabama and LSU.

While Alabama has dominated the series, for the most part, winning 10 out of the last 11 games, including last year’s game in Tuscaloosa, there are some hard feelings between the two schools.

The series started to heat up when Alabama signed Nick Saban as their head coach 16 years ago. Saban coached at LSU for four years and won a national championship in 2003 before moving on to the Miami Dolphins. LSU fans didn’t take too kindly to their former coach now coaching their rival and they have been bitter ever since. It got worse in 2019 when LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa and went on to win the national championship that year. Then-Tigers head coach Ed Orgeron said some harsh things about the Tide after the victory that were caught on tape and went viral.

All of this helps provide context for why one Alabama fan didn’t exactly appreciate his birthday surprise from his wife. As seen in a viral video making the rounds, the Bama fan cuts a cake and reveals a purple and gold interior, which are LSU colors. Rather than laughing, he took it personally and destroyed the cake.

A lot of college football fans, mainly Alabama fans, took his side.

Other fans thought it was a bit over the top, but would have reacted the same if the colors were orange and blue (for Auburn).

Other college football fans said he should have just enjoyed the cake regardless.

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