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As we move closer to the game between Texas A&M and Alabama on Saturday night, it seems as if Aggies head coach Jimbo Fisher is starting to feel the heat and becoming the target of some Aggie fans…literally.

A Paul Finebaum Show caller discussing Fisher’s $90 million buyout (technically $86 million) inferred that it would cost less to simply hire a hitman. A clearly stunned Finebaum was left speechless.

That’s not the first time someone has left Finebaum this stunned. Harvey Updyke, a staunch Alabama fan, called into his show several years ago and admitted he poisoned the trees on Auburn University‘s campus after the Tide lost to the Tigers in 2010. Updyke was not only upset about the loss but by the fact that someone put a Cam Newton t-shirt on a Bear Bryant statue. He was later arrested for the crime and would later say the reason he did it was “he had too much Alabama in him.”

Who knows if this was a real threat or someone just making a joke, but the college football world had lots to say about this latest incident on The Paul Finebaum Show and how it represents SEC fandom.

It’s also worth noting that Roger wasn’t the only caller to bring up hitmen and Texas A&M football.

Update: An ESPN spokesperson provided the following statement: “We take all threats seriously, implied or otherwise, and look into them accordingly. Comments such as these are wholly unacceptable.”

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