As the Penn Quakers looked to improve upon their undefeated record to start the season on Saturday, their game against the Yale Bulldogs hit an unexpected delay as a large group of student protesters rushed the field delaying the game’s action for an extended period of time.

On Saturday afternoon, a group of 60 student protesters rushed onto Penn’s Franklin Field right before the start of the second half delaying the game for over 30 minutes, with some remaining on the field for almost an hour.

According to a report from The Daily Pennsylvanian, the group was from the Fossil Free Penn, which is making a series of demands from the university. Most notably, the group is pushing Penn University to divest completely from fossil fuels.

It was certainly a wild moment in an important game between two Ivy League rivals, and the college football world had plenty to say about the group’s antics on Twitter, with most of the Tweets passionately blasting the protesters for their actions.

In addition to the on-field protest, the group has also been camping on Penn’s College Green for over five weeks in an effort to get the university to respond to their demands.

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