When it comes to eating at In-N-Out Burger, the trick has always been knowing the “not-so-secret” menu in order to increase your options. If you weren’t concerned with eating “animal style” or stacking your burger 4×4, then you might as well just stick to the regular menu, dependable and unchanging.

That is, until now. Per the OC Register, restaurants in the burger chain have started adding an 8-ounce cup of hot chocolate to the menu board for $1.60, which hadn’t changed in well over a decade. The last time anything changed on the menu it was when restaurants added lemonade around 15 years ago.

In-N-Out will source cocoa powder from Ghirardelli Chocolate Company for their drinks, which will be served with water in a traditional white cup with palm trees on it. It also comes topped with mini-marshmallows, though you can get that on the side if you like dipping them in yourself.

Fans of the burger joint shouldn’t fret. Nothing is going away and nothing else is changing on the dependable, tried-and-true menu. You’ll still be able to get burgers, fries, and drinks just like always. In fact, hot cocoa isn’t technically a new addition to the menu. According to a statement, it’s more of a return.

“This is actually the return of hot cocoa,” said company president Lynsi Snyder. “My grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, served it for many years beginning in the ‘50s.  I’m not sure how it fell off the menu but it’s part of our culture and something special for kids, and I’m happy that we’re bringing it back.”

No word yet on whether or not you’ll be able to order hot cocoa “animal-style” but we shudder to think what that might look like anyway.

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