You may not be supposed to mix pop rocks with soda, but there are no rules when it comes to combining anything with Oreos.

This summer, Nabisco is putting some sparklers in your Oreo cream filling, giving you a brand-new sensation when you sink your teeth into the famous cookies.

Now available in stores are the Firework Oreos, featuring rainbow-colored specks in the frosting that mimic the reaction of Pop Rocks with a bit of a crunch and a stimulating reaction on your taste buds. The specks in the cream center release heat to give off a spark feeling.

Just don’t pair it with some cola. Milk is still preferable.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to unveiling the summer Firework Oreo, Nabisco is letting customers come up with the next fun alternative to the traditional Oreo. That’s right! They’re giving you the chance to come up with the ingredients and flavor combination for an upcoming Oreo variant. The grand prize winner will take home a $500,000 prize, and some free Oreos.

So get those creative juices flowing and let’s start figuring out what flavors may wind up as finalists. Here are a few ideas worth throwing into the ring (and feel free to provide me a cut of your future winnings):

  • Pancake batter Oreo (frosted pancake batter filling)
  • Mint chocolate chip Oreo (the goodness of mint chocolate chip ice cream slapped between two chocolate waffers)
  • Skittles Oreo (I’m no fan of Skittles, but the fruit-flavored filling would surely draw some interest)
  • Pineapple Oreo (pineapple flavoring with some chocolate could work)

And a few that will certainly be suggested but never need to be tried:

  • Pepperoni pizza Oreo (No sausage either; and no pineapple pizza either)
  • Hot dog Oreo (would this even be considered a cookie?)


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