Tis the season for really gross coffee drinks, apparently. The battle for caffeinated beverage supremacy is as hot as it’s ever been and two North American rivals are hoping to out-do one another with their latest disturbing beverage offerings.


First up is Tim Hortons, which is offering up a Buffalo Latte as a “highlight” of its new espresso line. Created in honor of Tim Horton and Buffalo sauce, both of which started in 1964, the drink  will be “made from freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, mocha, and bold Buffalo sauce flavor.” If that doesn’t conflict your taste buds enough, it will also be topped with whipped cream and “a dusting of zesty Buffalo seasoning.”

Either as an attempt to save the rest of us from this nightmare or to inflict untold horrors on the people of Western New York, the Buffalo Latte will only be available at two locations in Buffalo, NY. It will cost you $2.79, not to mention your dignity and self-respect.

Meanwhile, Starbucks isn’t going to let someone else get all the glory when it comes to gross concoctions that exist more for the Instagram post than to actually consume. Meet the Zombie Frappuccino, which will terrorize Starbucks baristas across the country for as long as whatever ingredients make those colors last. The coffee company hasn’t officially announced the colorful drink just yet but word has leaked that it will be available October 26 through October 31, or until your local Starbucks accidentally flushes all the ingredients down the drain so you stop ordering it.

It will be the Creme Frappuccino base mixed with Green Caramel Apple Powder and “Pink Powder,” whatever that might taste like. It will also be topped by pink “brains” whipped cream and pink mocha drizzle, so, good luck ingesting that. The green and pink colors are meant to remind you of “a classic cartoon zombie,” which might be a letdown for Walking Dead fans interested in drinking something that looks like authentic brains.

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