In a very Australian story, a fisherman used a broom to fight off a friggin’ Great White Shark as the beast tried to attack the boat (and presumably the people on the boat).

Here’s video of the encounter:

And the YouTube description:

Whilst out on a charter with one of our regular customers Steve, this big beast turned up & wouldn’t leave us alone. He nearly took a chunk out of my Yamaha motors, leaving a few small dents & scratches. Estimated 5.5 meters & of breeding size, showing battle scars on her back & tail most likely inflicted from mating rituals. Spring heading into Summer is acknowledged as pupping & Bass Strait is considered the pumping ground for the eastern seaboard population. This shark looks to be on the verge of dropping her bundles of joy very soon…

Seriously, this is like peak Australia. A Great White Shark? Oh just fight it off with a garden broom and laugh away like it’s a golden retriever puppy trying to say hi.

It’s good these guys made it out okay, but I have doubts that the broom’s efforts are truly to thank. If anything that shark probably just angrier. And if you’ve seen the highly realistic Jaws 4 (which is rockin’ a 2.9/10 on IMdb), you know that Great White Sharks will follow you thousands of miles for revenge.

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