Adorable dog brings umpires water.

Umpires need to stay hydrated while they’re out on the field. Dogs need head rubs. Sounds like a perfect deal in the making, right?

Here’s a lovable golden retriever named Jake the Diamond Dog taking on water duties at the Fort Wayne TinCaps Class A game on Monday.

Slavery? Maybe.

Adorable? Definitely.

Add Jake to the list of good dogs we’ve covered recently, including Molly, who returned to her owner after four years, Davos, the golf-ball retriever, Brooks, the bat-fetching dog who sometimes gets distracted, the Capitals’ puck-fetching dog, and the California dog who stared down a bear. Jake certainly appears to be a very good dog, and one worthy of this list. But they’re all good dogs, Brant. 13/10.

[Zach Groth on Twitter]

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