Big Sexy has done what was previously thought to be impossible. He’s drawn a walk.

Bartolo Colon of the New York Mets is the most entertaining pitcher to watch at the plate, and it’s not particularly close (sorry, Madison Bumgarner). You never know what you’re going to get with the 280+ pound right-hander in the batter’s box. Earlier this season, Colon surprisingly went deep for his first career home run. On Monday night, he accomplished another first.

With the Mets facing off against the Arizona Diamondbacks, ¬†Colon was batting against talented left-hander Robbie Ray. Colon worked Ray to a 3-2 count and didn’t bite on a high fastball, drawing his first career walk. Miraculously, it took Colon 282 plate appearances to draw his first free pass, which is an MLB record.

Colon admitted to reporters following the game, if Ray through a pitch anywhere near the strike zone, he would have been out.

“That surprised me as well. I don’t know why that pitcher didn’t strike me out. He could have. I really couldn’t do much more at that point,” Colon told ESPN through a translator, citing a sore left wrist.

I’m sure Ray took some ribbing from his D-Backs teammates following the walk. It’s not a record you want to help break.

The 43-year-old might have walked for the first time, but he only lasted four innings against Arizona, in the Mets 10-6 loss. Still, seeing Colon continue to excel (by his standards) at the plate is so damn fun to watch.


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