Christian Yelich celebrates his RBI triple that completed his cycle Wednesday.

There have been plenty of interesting actions between athletes or coaches and fans over the years, from C.J. McCollum’s “I’m trying Jennifer” through Austin Rivers going after a heckler who criticized his dad to Miami (Ohio) coach Chuck Martin going off on his own fanbase. But Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielder Christian Yelich brought a particularly funny approach to this Tuesday. Yelich started the day off by roasting a fan who went after him for daring to appear in ESPN The Magazine‘s (final) Body Issue, and then followed that up with an appropriate at-bat music change, altering his music to “Roxanne” by The Police:

However, this isn’t even one of the two best “Roxanne” moments in popular culture:

Still, good for Yelich in roasting someone who thoroughly deserved it, and providing a battle cry for his team (plus shirts for those interested) along the way.\

[The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

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